Gareeda – The Director’s Half-Cut

This week see’s the official release of the new Gareeda record “The Director’s Half-Cut”. A selection of older songs the band wanted to re-record along with a few new tracks thrown into the mix. This[…]

Psychotic Depression – Thirty Hours Work Or Less

February 2017 saw Psychotic Depression coming into the studio to record their debut ep ‘Thirty Hours Work Or Less’. The guys fairly rattled through the recording process and the mixing was completed fairly quickly aswell![…]

A Lake Of Ghosts

Last year I recorded & mixed Of Spire & Throne​’s re-working of the My Dying Bride classic “My Wine In Silence”. It was included on’s 2 disc tribute to My Dying Bride which is available[…]

Runemaster – By Thorn & Thunder

I had the Mighty Runemaster back in recording their 3rd EP at the tail end of last year… They have just released it via their bandcamp page & you can download it along with their[…]

Somaesthesia – Path Of Least Resistance

Last May I recorded the debut EP for Edinburgh metal band, Somaesthesia. They are a really great band combining elements of post-rock, prog & just straight up heavy metal to great effect. I thoroughly enjoyed[…]

Motorhead – Electricity

Towards the end of 2016 Produce Like A Pro teamed up with producer Cameron Webb to put together a mixing course with music by Motorhead. You can check out the course here: Mixing Motörhead with Cameron[…]

NNGNN – Forceful Blasphemy

Had a cracking week this week tracking drums & guitars for the upcoming e.p. from Edinburgh Black Metal merchants, NNGNN The e.p. is called Forceful Blasphemy & will be released towards the end of the[…]

Wolf Sermon

I had Wolf Sermon in recording a 4 track demo the other week…. If you haven’t heard them yet then I suggest getting down to Bannermans in Edinburgh on Sat 26th to catch them live. They[…]

Of Spire & Throne

Last weekend saw the start of tracking for the new Of Spire & Throne album. 3 days in Edinburgh’s Chamber Studio getting the drums, bass & guitars down. There is still a massive amount of[…]

Somaesthesia EP

I had the pleasure of recording and mixing the debut EP for Edinburgh band Somaesthesia this summer. It has now been mastered by James Plotkin  and the finished article is an incredible introduction to this[…]